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Furniture bought from Amberville is shipped for free and comes with a 3 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects. We also offer you a 7-Day Easy Return window. So go ahead and buy with confidence.

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He’ll never want to take off this uniquely cool Patched Medium Wash Denim Jacket from Cat & Jack. This medium wash jean jacket features a variety of different fun patches that include a football, geometric shape and multiple inspirational quotes. “Be a Hero” is embroidered across the back to keep him inspired all year long. With its striking textured design, this jacket can be paired with his favorite graphic tee to really let his shine.

  • Brand:
  • Dimensions:
    H 41 x W 21 x D 44; Seating Height – 16
  • Colour:
    Warm Chestnut
  • Warranty:
    36 Months’ Warranty
  • Assembly:
    No Assembly Required
  • Primary Material:
    Sheesham Wood
  • Room Type:
    Living Room
  • Height:
    41.0 inches
  • Width:
    21.0 inches
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    30 day money guarantee

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